Kobayashi Maru logoThe Space Command and Control (C2) program (Kobayashi Maru) provides capabilities that bring critical services to our warfighters to facilitate timely, quality battlespace decisions. The program provides infrastructure and enterprise services, as well as develops mission applications to enable responsive, resilient operational-level Space C2 capabilities for the space operations centers. Employing an agile-based Rapid Delivery Framework with a 90-day Program Increment (PI) construct fosters a collaborative and integrated environment for the community to work together to efficiently and effectively deliver C2 capabilities.

Space C2 focuses on developing Space Situational Awareness, Coalition and Theater Support, Battle Management Command and Control, and Indications & Warning capabilities via a Development Security and Operations (DevSecOps) approach that links users (Joint Forces Space Component Commander/14 AF) with mission application developers to leverage Open Mission Systems/User Control Interface messaging standards. This results in recurring capability delivery to the operations floor. We are pivoting future mission capability development efforts to support a warfighting focus and integrating with key partners throughout the community. We are coordinating critical development and operational enablers such as IT architecture, DevSecOps processes, and enterprise services to enable rapid capability deployment by the Space C2 product lines across multiple security levels.

Contact Information:

Col Jennifer Krolikowski: jennifer.krolikowski@us.af.mil
Senior Materiel Leader, Space C2