Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio

Hangar 18 was born from a need to create an Agile approach to help the Air and Space Force communities in efficiency and deliverables in a cost effective way. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients needs and delivering a prototype in rapid succession. Data already exists. Let’s take that data and get your project moving at warp speed.

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What We Build

Create pipelines to develop and deploy solutions on AF networks. Facilitate
DoD DevSecOps and Cloud projects throughout the region.

How We Build

Engage in workforce and solution development for Agile, Digital Acquisition,
Digital Engineering, DevSecOps, and other key skill areas. A “Start small,
learn fast” approach.

Who We Build For

Anyone who needs Digital Acquisition (DA), Digital Engineering (DE), and
Digital Transformation (DT) propagation and integration of digital tools and

Hangar 18 Projects

HyperThought is a collaborative content management system, designed to make
data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). It does this
by adding context to the data uploaded by users through Key-Value pairs and
process models. This gives users the benefit of not only finding their data
when searching for it, but also the story behind it. This greater context
can lead to discoveries otherwise left unnoticed by leveraging existing
knowledge from the research community.

Avolve is a content sharing platform for all Air, Space, and military
professionals to explore and view videos, documents, websites, and Learning
Paths for their training, education, and self-improvement. Content can be
contributed by anyone who wishes to share their expertise or interests with
other Air, Space, or military professionals, all behind a secure CAC
authenticated firewall. Individuals and organizations, enlisted, officers
and civilians, are all able to share their knowledge and messages across
services, commands, career paths, and geography.

The Legend of Hangar 18

The legend of Hangar 18 dates back to the purported July 1947 crash of a UFO
in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. According to a press release issued
by the Roswell Army Air Field at the time, their personnel inspected the
“UFO” and sent it on to “higher headquarters.” Many UFO enthusiasts believe
some of the materials from Roswell were also transported to Wright Field,
later Wright-Patterson AFB, after the crash and stored in Hangar 18, based
on unverified anecdotes from former military pilots.

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