Mission statement:

Deliver exceptional custom mobile experiences for all Airmen that improve quality of life, mission success, and safety.


Overall BESPIN Strategy Support:

Strategic Human Centered Design and Cultural/Change Management – Restless Creations – Execution, Cultural Change, Change Management, and User research and design focused support.

Native Mobile:

Drudonna: Mobile platform, development “at the edge” every day airmen with the attributes to develop software will be given the tools, training, open source platform, to help solve Air Force problems at the speed of the mission. Vice Chief of Staff award – pending funding to begin execution.

Airmen Against Drunk Driving – A2D2 – Keeping our airmen safe (BESPIN Mobile Training App): When new airmen come into BESPIN and require mobile application training they will initially be assigned to this development team and newly trained members will fly up other development teams.

CV-22 TOLD – BESPIN Native Application Organic Developers – The application was originally built in Objective C, and was redone in swift, and the UI was failing both were redone and now comply with Apple Standards. The team removed and encrypted the data to comply with security regulations. The team resolved a fatal flaw with the altitude calculation algorithm that was causing a 420ft margin of error.

What’s Up App – AFIMSC – The SO Company and Organic Development. This will become part of Innovate AFITC where by a coding sprint will develop additional features that will support our Airmen better knowing what’s going on, on base, in the communities they are stationed, and it can aide the smart city initiatives.

Wing Feedback App – AFIMSC – Pending vendor – this will help base commanders better understand the delivery of services at each base. This effort is currently pending a vendor the source selection team (includes BESPIN) and development will occur within our lab and with our organic team members involvement.

BES Internal Efforts:

  • HI Onboarding mobile application
  • BESPIN Website

Mobile Enabled:

Aviation Resource Management (ARMS) JUMP Module (A3) – Fearless Solutions LLC:

The Aviation Resource Management Supports ~65,000 Aircrew/Parachutists, Career Field User: ~2,800 1C0X2. 2 -3 sprints away from a production ready prototype; working production environment issues to formalize delivery of initial module modernization. The ARMS team is prepared to continue partnering with BESPIN for full software transformation and program to product team enablement.

Utilizing Kessel Run Pivotal Platform within CCE (Cloud One Environment)
LogUX Prometheus, Warloc, and BRICE

SBIRS (majority are pending award on 3 August):

  • IOS Mobile Platform: Fearless Solutions
  • Android Mobile Platform: Clarity Innovations
  • AF Application Layer User Journey Value Mapping – The SO Company
  • (A3) Aircrew Flight Equipment with Agile Combat Support PMO – Skylight Digital
  • (A3) iGATM Ordering Site with PEO Digital – Omni Federal
  • Mobile Training to support Drudonna – Big Nerd Ranch
  • Cyber, CATO, and Pen Testing as a Service – Dark Wolf
  • Mobile Security – Now Secure (Fortify for Mobile)
  • Cloud Ops – Trek 10
  • TRON Squadron Operations Center – Revacomm – Developing a Suite of fully integrated software tools to develop the Squadron of the future. Our Airmen use the same tools at home and TDY that they use in contested environments. Providing user friendly and integrated software can improve the execution of mission and enhance pilot/airmen retention.

Partnerships in work (items that will potentially come into the BESPIN team):

  • JOCAS: Working with the team to set up a design session
  • CMOS: Talking with PMO team for BESPIN to aide in program to product team transformation and user centered application modernization
  • AFMOA: In discussion about supporting software development needs
  • Predictive Maintenance Platform – In discussion with DIUx
  • Quantum Augmentation – In discussion with DIUx
  • Electronic Flight Bag Mobile Development – In discussion with the EFB team on this topic. Fully partnered with the 15th Wing at Hickam AFB not properly funded today.
  • Thunderdome (Pilot Training Next): AR/VR Pilot Gaming/Training