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Theme: Software Acquisition Pathway

  • Scott Smith, Software Acquisition Pathway Lead, OUSD (A&S) and team

“Software Pathway Update for the DevSecOps Community of Practice”

  • Jonathan Lister, Operations Research Analyst, AFCAA, Steven Cox, Tecolote Research, Inc.

“Cost Estimating for Software Acquisition Pathway Programs”

  • Ipek Ozkaya, Technical Director, Engineering Intelligent Software Solutions, Brigid O’Hearn, Senior Software Acquisition Innovation Specialist, SEI

   “FY2022 NDAA Section 835 Independent Study on Technical Debt in Software-Intensive Systems”

  • Closing Remarks – Rob Vietmeyer



Theme: Training

Our 50th Session!

  • Keynote speaker: Tom Morton, Lead for Application Management – Advana
  • Allan Dianic, Director, Software Engineering, OUSD (R&E), Dave Pearson, DAU, and Team
  • Alfredo Rodriguez III, Enterprise Cyberspace Workforce Program Manager, US Marine Corps Information Development Institute and Daryck Fickel, Cyber Workforce Analyst
  • Dr. Tanya L Johnson, Management & Program Analyst, DODHRA/DCPAS, Katharine Thomas, DAU, and Ayanna Baker


JULY 2023

Theme: Large Language Models/ChatGPT

  • Schuyler Moore – Chief Technical Officer, CENTCOM
  • Seth Morrell – Policy Advisor, OSD OUSD Policy
  • Diane Staheli – Responsible AI SME, MIT Lincoln Laboratory 
  • Nic Chaillan – Former CSO of the Air Force and Space Force


JUNE 2023

Theme: FinOps

  • Opening
  • Keynote – Melvin Brown, Deputy Chief Information Officer, U.S. Office of Personnel Management
  • Nathan Cost, CAMO and CSMS Program Manager, US Army ECMA and CAMO/CT Team
  • Alexis Masterson and William Kasenchar, IT Specialist, General Services Agency
  • Rob Martin, FinOps Foundation
  • Closing Remarks – Jim Nelson, DoD CIO IE


APR 2023

  • Keynote speaker:
    • Ms. Lily Zeleke, Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise
  • Goal #1 – Accelerate the DoD Enterprise Cloud Environment
    • DISA – Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) – Steven Rudy, JWCC Project Lead
  • Goal #2  – Establish Department-wide Software Factory Ecosystem
    • CDAO – Technical Exchange Patterns with [x]BOMS  – Erica Dretzka, Director, Future Analytic Architecture 
    • Team 8 – Virtualization: Unlocking Software Modularity of Embedded Systems, Felix Cortez, Product Owner
  • Goal #3 – Transform Processes to Enable Resilience and Speed
    • DoD CIO – Advancing Workforce Management – Dr. Cynthia Devita-Cochrane, Lead, DCWF Refresh Team
  • Closing remarks


MAR 2023

  • Welcome – Rob Vietmeyer, DoD CSO
  • DoD cATO
    • Jeff Eyink, Chief Cybersecurity Implementation Division, OSD DoD CIO
    • Mckay Tolboe, Chief Cybersecurity Implementation Division, OSD DoD CIO
  • Navy RAISE 2.0
    • Edmond Kuqo, OPNAV N2N6 / DON CIO Detail, DevSecOps, Cybersecurity, Cloud
  • Closing
    • George Lamb, Computer Scientist, DoD CIO

03-09-2023 DevSecOps CoP – DoD cATO-Navy RAISE 2.0 FINAL

FEB 2023

Theme: Modernizing Aging Software

  • Keynote Speaker
    • Garth McMurray, Professor of Systems Engineering Management, DAU
  • TCODE, TRANSCOM’s Software Factory
    • Chris Lipe, TCODE Lead Engineer, Isaac Wright, Lead Information Systems Security Engineer and Tiffany Tucker, Configuration Management Lead
  • USMEPCOM, Modernizing Journey – 18 Months Later
    • Mathew Lince, Chief Information Officer, USMEPCOM
  • AEGIS Agile Journey – PEO IWS Forge Software Factory
    • Rick Jandrain, Software Acquisition Manager, Naval Sea Systems Command, PEO Integrated Warfare Systems

02-09-2023 DevSecOps CoP – Aging Software FINALpdf

JAN 2023

Theme: Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

  • Opening Remarks
    • Allan Dianic, OUSD R&E S&E Lead, R&E Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Lead
    • Daniel Hettema, Director Digital Engineering Modeling and Simulation, OSD OUSD R&E

  • MBSE and DevSecOps DOT&E
    • Andrew Pollner, President & CEO of ALP International Corporation
    • Chuck Rogal, MBSE Architect

    • Patrick Quilter, DSO SME

  • MBSE & DevSecOps and R&E
    • Dr. Bruce Douglass, Agile MBSE, Embedded Systems
  • Army MBSE Study
    • Alex Boydston, Electronics Engineer, USARMY DEVCOM AvM
    • Charlie Payne

    • Tyler Smith

    • John Shackleton

  • MBSE Scorecard
    • Dr. Omar Diaz, Principal Enterprise Engineer
  • Models in Test
    • Dr. Saurabh Mittal

01-12-2023 DevSecOps CoP – MBSE FINAL.pdf

DEC 2022

Theme: Contracting

  • Opening Remarks
    • Sean Brady (USD A&S AE SWP Lead)
  • Contracting for S/W Solutions RFI
    • Colleen Murphy (MITRE)
  • SWP Program Modular Contracting Strategy
    • Jennifer McBee/Capt James Hanley (Air Force Kessel Run)
  • Software Factory Contracting Approach
    • Doug Raney/James Crocker/Maj Karah Schneider (Air Force BESPIN)
  • Prototype & Production OT Awards for S/W Development
    • Maj Ben Leaf (USSOCOM Global Analytics Platform)
  • OT Award for Autonomy S/W Development & Test Platform
    • David Michelson (Defense Innovation Unit)
    • LTC Chris Orlowski (Army Robotic Combat Vehicle)

12-08-2022 DevSecOps CoP – Contracting FINAL

NOV 2022

Theme: Testing and Evaluation in DevSecOps  

  • Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) T&E in DevSecOps
    • Introduction: Lorie Sather – Division Chief 
    • Ellen Preiss, Technical Director
    • Carter Farthing, T&E Automation
    • Zee Villafane, Operational Testing
    • Elaine Macari, Approved Products List
  • Testing and Evaluation (T&E) Documentation
    • Nilo Thomas​, OSD/Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation​, Strategic Initiatives, Policy, and Emerging Technologies
    • David Hoffman, DoD CIO Cloud and Software Modernization

11-10-2022 DevSecOps CoP – JITC & T&E FINAL.pdf

OCT 2022

Theme: JADC2

  • Keynote Speaker: Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Overview
    • Mr. Gregory Curth, Engineering Branch Chief, US JS J6/DDC5I/Cyber, Command & Control Operational Development Division
  • WIDOW – Mission: To increase the speed, organization, and accuracy of planning tasks through real-time coordination and visualization of mission details.
    • Maj Brad “Ralphie” Short, USAF, WIDOW Founder &PEM/Lead Air Battle Manager DAF PEO C3BM
    • LCDR Andres Otero, USN Project Overmatch Deputy Program Manager Infrastructure
  • Roundtable Discussion and Q&A
    • Mr. Rick Jack, Distinguished C4ISR Software Engineer(SSTM) NIWC PAC
    • Maj Brad Short
    • LCDR Andres Otero
  • Container Governance Update:
    • Mr. Dan Risacher, DoD CIO

10-13-2022 DevSecOps CoP Slides – JADC2 FINAL


SEP 2022

Theme: Software Acquisition Pathway
  • Opening Remarks:
    • Mr. Sean Brady, DoD Senior Lead for Software Acquisition
  • Navy Software Acquisition Pathway Experience:
    • Ms. Melissa Naroski Merker, ASN RDA, DASN IWAR
  • Army Software Acquisition Pathway Experience:
    • Mr. Ken Waldrop, ASA ALT, and Mr. Kent Gibson, Systems Engineer, USARMY PEO IEWS
  • Contracting Module:
    • Ms. Colleen Murphy, Contracting and Acquisition SME, MITRE

AUG 2022

Theme: Testing 2.0
  • Keynote:
    • Ms. Sarah Standard, OUSD (R&E); Developmental Test, Evaluation and Analysis(DTE&A) ,The Cybersecurity/Interoperability Technical Director
  • “Cybersecurity Operational Test and Evaluation Concept for Software Factories”:
    • Dr. Billy Robbins, IDA, follow-on discussion with Ms. Sarah Standard, and Mr. Nilo Thomas, OSD DOTE, Software and Cyber Action Officer
  • Q&A
  • Intro to the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) Report:
    • Ms. Sarah Standard
  • Cybersecurity and DoD System Development: A Survey of DoD Adoption of Best DevSecOps Practice:
    • Mr. Lee Kennedy, Mr. Steve Wartik, Mr. Ryan Wagner, and Ms. Rachel Kuzio de Naray, Institute for Defense Analyses



JUL 2022

Theme: Testing

  • Opening Remarks:
    • Ms. Ellen Preiss, Technical Director, Enterprise Business Systems Division Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), DISA
  • TRMC Testing Infrastructure Considerations for DevSecOps
    • Mr. Ryan Norman, Deputy Program Manager, Joint Mission Environment Test Capability / Director, Test & Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) Software
  • Introduction and Demo
    • Mr. Ryan McLean, Director
  • “Shift Left Testing with DevSecOps”
    • Mr. Hasan Yasar, Technical Director, Adjunct Faculty Member SEI/Carnegie Melon University
  • Chaos Engineering and Bowcaster
    • Mr. Omar Marrero, Chaos & Performance Tech Lead, O-CTO, Kessel Run
  • Closing Remarks:
    • Mr. Rob Vietmeyer, Director, Cloud and Software Modernization

7-14-2022 DevSecOps CoP Slides – Testing v5

JUN 2022

Theme: Software Factories

  • Opening Remarks:
    • Ms. Robin Yeman,  Chief Technical Officer at Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation

  • Software Factories:
    • Navy –
      • Storehouse Software Factory – Ms. Candaice Deloach, Senior Scientific Technical Manager (SSTM) for Warfare Systems Software Science and Technology and Development

      • NAVFactory – Mr. David Smith, Division Manager, NAVFAC Information Technology Center (NITC)

    • Air Force –
      • Hangar 18 – Mr. Matt Jacobsen, Director Hangar 18, Dr. Mark Reith, liaison to the AFIT graduate school and Mr. Matthew Dever, Director, Air Force Cyberspace Technical Center of Excellence, Air Force Institute of Technology

  • Defining Software Modernization Terminology:

    • Mr. George Lamb, DoD CIO Computer Scientist

  • Software Factories Roundtable Q&A
  • Closing Remarks:
    • Mr. Rob Vietmeyer, Director, Cloud and Software Modernization

  • 06-09-2022 DevSecOps CoP Slides

APR 2022

Theme: Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Opening Remarks:
    • Mr. Rob Vietmeyer, OSD, DoD CIO Director, Cloud and Software Modernization
  • API Introduction:
    • Mr. McKay Tolboe, Chief Cybersecurity Policy and Implementation
    • Mr. Tyler Gesling, Cybersecurity SME, DoD CIO
  • Program Executive Office Manpower, Logistics and Business Solutions Data Transformation Services (PEO MLB DaTS):

    • Mr. Abiola Olowokere, USN PEO MLB Data Services and Information Intelligence Pillar Lead and team
  • Business Enterprise Systems Product INnovation (BESPIN):
    • Mr. James Crocker, CTO Lab Director, BESPIN and team
  • Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA):
    • Mr. Edward Moshinsky, SE Modernization Chief ENG Support.

    • Mr. Jimmy “Rev” Jones, PhD, NH-IV, SAF/AQLV, STITCHES Warfighter Application Team Lead
  • Closing Remarks:
    • Mr. Mr. Allan Dianic, Director, Software Engineering OSD OUSD (R&E)

MAR 2022

Theme: Continuous Authorization to Operate (cATO)

  • Opening Remarks:
    • Mr. David McKeown, DoD DCIO Cybersecurity & Chief Information Security Officer

    • Mr. Tony Plater, DON CISO, DON CIO

  • Continuous Authorization to Operate (cATO) Memorandum:
    • Mr. McKay Tolboe, Chief Cybersecurity Policy and Implementation

    • Mr. Tyler Gesling, Cybersecurity SME, DoD CIO

  • cATO Discussion and Open Q&A:
    • Moderated by Mr. Tyler Gesling
    • Mr. Daniel Holtzman, HQE, Cyber Technical Director, U.S. Air Force

    • Mr. Tony Plater, DON CISO, DON CIO

    • Col Jennifer Krolikowski, Director, Chief Information Officer, Space Force

    • Mr. McKay Tolboe, Chief Cybersecurity Policy and Implementation, DoD CIO CS

  • Closing Remarks::
    • Mr. Tyler Gesling

FEB 2022

Theme: Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
Opening Remarks: Ms. Michele Iversen, Director of Risk Assessment and Operational Integration

  • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), briefed by:
    • Dr. Allen Friedman, CISA, DHS
    • Mr. Paul De naray, DCIO(CS)/RAOI, Aerospace FFRDC
    • Mr. Matt Huston, CISO, CIO Platform One
  • Compliance as Code Demonstration, briefed by:
    • Mr. Peter Schmidt, DevSecOps Program Manager, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
    • Mr. William Mohseni, Systems Engineer, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
    • Mr. Randall Golden, ManTech, (providing the demonstration)
  • 02-10-2022DevSecOps-CoP-Slides-SBOM-FINAL.pdf

DEC 2021

  • Theme: Data
    • Alternative DevSecOps (Data Lab/SIGNUS construct)
  • Briefed by:
    • Dr. Josef Allen, Technical Advisor, Air Combat Command Intel Data/Tech Futures Division
    • Mr. Christopher Smith, Director of Engineering for the Altitude Applied Insight’s Platform
    • Mr. Richard Qualis, Chief Architect of the HQ ACC/A29 SIGNUS System
  • Theme: Data Management/Date Governance
  • Briefed by:
    • Dr. Allen (Primarily)
    • Dr. Carlos Otero, Consultant, Author, Award-Winning Faculty Member

NOV 2021

  • Theme: A Fireside Chat on Metrics

    • Moderated by:  Ms. Ana Kreiensieck,

    • Dr. Mik Kersten, CEO Tasktop Technologies

    • Mr. Bryan Finster, Platform One

    • Lt Col Michael Tanner, PM USAF

  • 11-18-2021 DevSecOps CoP Slides Final

OCT 2021

  • Theme: Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • DevSecOps Enterprise Reference Design Documents 2.1
    • Mr. Jason Weiss, Chief Software Officer, OSD, DoD CIO
  • Infrastructure as Code Overview/Rapid Deployment
    • Mr. Dave Lago, Cloud Computing Program Office, DISA
    • Mr. Hsiao-Chuan Su, Cloud Engineer, DISA
    • Mr. Aaron Hunter, Principal Enterprise Cloud Engineer DODIN Joint Warfighter Capabilities
    • Mr. Michael Miller, CISSP, PMP, Contractor-VTG
  • 10OCT21 DevSecOps COP Slides Final

SEP 2021

  • Theme: Operations 
  • SpaceCAMP – 1st Lt. Christopher Paul, Agile Space Operations Software Manager
  • F-16 In-Flight Software Update – Capt. Justin Marsh, Chief, F-16 Advanced Programs Section (WP)
  • National Background Investigations Services (NBIS) – Mr. Jeffery Smith, Program Manager NBIS

AUG 2021

  • Theme: Agile Software Development
  • Naval Operations Architecture – Project Overmatch – Mr. Richard (Rick) Jack, Distinguished C4ISR Software Engineer(SSTM) NIWC PAC
  • “Learning Technology Warehouse” solution for sharing software/containers with our end users – Dr. Sarah Schatz, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, OSD
  • US Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPCOM) – Legacy to Modernization – Mr. Matthew Lince, J6, HQ USMEPCOM



  • ​Theme – Continuous Authorization (cATO)
  • Keynote by Ms. Lauren Knausenberger, CIO Department of the Air Force
  • Continuous Risk Management Framework (cRMF) – Army
  • Platform One cATO – Air Force
  • Black Pearl – Department of the Navy
  • Chaos Engineering – Kessel Run
  • 06-23-2021-DevSecOps-CoP-Slides-Final.pdf


MAY 2021

APR 2021

  • Preview of the Software Modernization Strategy – DoD CIO

  • Updates – DISA

  • DAU Training for Agile/DevSecOps – Defense Acquisition University

  • JCIDS Ignite – OUSD(A&S)

  • Test & Evaluation Ignite – OUSD(A&S)

  • 08 Apr 2021 DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Slides.pdf

MAR 2021

FEB 2021

JAN 2021

DEC 2020

NOV 2020

OCT 2020

SEP 2020

  • Navy – AEGIS’ Agile Journey
  • Air Force, Kessel Run – Middle Tier Acquisition
  • OUSD(A&S) – DoD Acquisition Innovators CoP
  • DoD CIO – DSAWG DevSecOps Teams Update
  • DISA – Demonstration of STIG Automation work
  • 10 Sep 2020 DevSecOps CoP Slides.pdf
  • Kessel Run MTA